yama workshop flyer 630

Personal Practice is Key!!!

This is close to full already so get up with me either at the contact page or just…

email me here to RSVP

Facebook Event is HERE

The “Why’s” of this workshop are as so:

  • Developing our personal practice will help us actualize who we are and how we learn
  • Personal practice frees us from the “follow the leader” classes and puts the power and responsibility back in our hands BECAUSE IT IS, I DON’T CARE WHAT YOUR SHAMAN SAYS!!!
  • Personal practice then allows us to haveĀ our own experience of the practice itself.
  • Therefore we can gather a list of questions to troubleshoot when in the class envirnonment
  • Therefore our teachers can learn and be challenged by different lenses
  • Then the teacher will evolve, the student will evolve, and the art will evolve
  • or we all explode, whatever, I don’t know… never did this before.

So the schedule is Monday Tuesday and Thursdays starting at 6:30 PM

This is a Donation based workshop series

Suggested donation is $300-infinity

Why is it donation based???

  • This (You) will be filmed
  • I (me) will use this footage for a website thingy for continuing education stuff for health professionals.
  • We (us) will have to be OK with that, if not then please come to another one that will be on the DL and private for your own use. However, the price will be a bit more. Either way, we’re cool and I respect your decision.