Yoga structure for inversions and hand balancing.


Level 1 (Fundamental structure, core strength, and maintenance)

Bandha strength & awareness, Wrists and shoulders,  decompression of shoulders and spine

joint health/maintenance.

Opening the chest, shoulders, and lats

Learn the fundamentals of hand balancing and inverted poses.

Explore inverted transitional flow for standing postures and seated “jump throughs” and Riding the Breath

Developing practice


Level 2 (the art of floating and Flowing transitions)

Bandha strength

Back bending and strengthening for Alignment and fulcrum points

Intention of effortlessness

Riding the breath and inverted transitions in seated poses

Joint decompression

Building symmetrical power


Level 3 (integration of flow, asymmetrical balancing)

Controlled floating transitions (in and out of arm balances)

Standing and seated pose flow.

Asymmetrical arm balances

Developing and evolving our practice.

Functional conditioning.

$40 3 hr. 1 day

$100 for all 3 (jan 19, 26, Feb 2)

$150 all 3 + weekday practices (tues & Thu 8am)

                                         for the 3 weeks.

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