Now with the “hands free” laws in effect… This has evolved to many of us buying small bluetooth headsets in which we lose almost instantly… Thus finding it during car cleanings or laundry nights, then recharging it, using it, then losing it again.. I’ve had the same one for years, only used it about 15 times, I’ve lost it 50 times, actually I’m looking for it right now.

Then we’re left in the car with the phone and ourselves, and we’re sick of every song on the internet there’s just not enough variety, so we should get some business done, return some calls because we’re important, or just check in with mom.  We can’t put it up to our ears that wouldn’t be hands free so we feel that as long as we put it on speaker, we’re not using our hands… This is even more obvious that we’re on the phone at least it’s hidden by your ear when you’re using it like a normal phone, but no, we insist on finding the loophole of hands free that is:  hold the phone flat in front of your face, and as long as it doesn’t touch your ear it must me hands free.

Yet we’re holding it with our hands like so…phone slice 02

My solution is… design a fake slice of pizza, that we place our phones inside… Thus if a cop drives by we can fake eat it… we can keep it in our cars, it’s not a desirable object we have to keep hidden.  Hopefully we’re aware enough to not look like we’re talking to our slice of pizza.  Or just take an empty clean coffee to go cup… Put your phone in it… Then… Cop drives by… Sip the air a little say ahhh.  This will save you money on all levels…  use that money for personal training, astrology readings, or anything that makes you happy.  Click Here to Schedule

This will even make the hands free world more fun.  We’ll be more than just a bunch of people that seem to be talking to themselves, now we can have conversations with food and beverages.  I can’t wait to put a receiver onto a cats face so we can talk to our cats.  cat-pill

you’re welcome on behalf of The Open Matt