In skill, there are no secrets… just practice.   The only secret in yoga is that someone may have just farted, or the teacher is sleeping with half the class.  In martial arts, we sometimes don’t tell you that none of this stuff really works…

unless you PRACTICE.

As a teacher, I hold a lot of “secrets”.   I’ll tell them all to you if you’re open.  They’re really just different lenses and practices that can get us changing our habits.  Like finding those secret restaurants when traveling.  They’re not secret.  They want your business, and they have a sign.  It’s not secret, you just haven’t gone down that street yet.

Is health a secret.  No.  The only thing the health industry is trying to hide is that every month on every magazine cover, and every blog, and every health club, they have a new way of telling you how to lose weight, or gain muscle.  Every year, get that beach body, or six pack abs.  It’s been a new cutting edge way to say “eat right exercise”.  We’ve known this for centuries, and it repeats every month. The secret is they’re better at repeating and renaming than they are at delivering results.   Why?

We can’t give health.  You have to earn it.  Your money is no good when it comes to actual skill and health.  It’s time in. Energy and focus spent towards a goal.  A good trainer can help, a teacher, a facility, and yes those cost money.  However, if it all falls into place and you get the results you want.  It’s mostly your fault.  Congratulations.  Thanks for your effort and thank yourself for earning one of the few things you can’t buy.

Money can get you into clean air, and afford you health insurance.  Money can ease a lot of stress.  Exercise and practice can lead you into honoring yourself, your health, and lead you into purpose. Being healthy, and pursuing health is just as much an investment in yourself as a way to save a couple bux. Just think of the savings if we choose to live healthfully… mindfully of our habits. I don’t say no more Dr. visits ever, I don’t say you’re immune to cancer, or parkinson’s, or even a stray bullet. However, There’s a ton of money to be saved on building healthy practices. If you don’t know, ask.  Other than a stack of unmarked bills… the best gift you can give your teachers, is a question.  Now in our culture if we’re ignorant to this stuff, we have tuned it out. The numbers are in.