Upstairs needs work.  It’s like if you built a tree fort out of a boat, then added a bunch of drafty windows to let the water in.



It needs a little quirky love.  Some potential privacy for guests and body work.  The only solution was to partition the space off.  Craig’s list and swap meets had nothing in the way of good partitions.  I’m over sheetrock…  I think the devil engineered sheetrock to annoy us around the same time he developed the fine “art” of lip sync.   Then Donal, our wacky sane Irish master carpenter neighbor, got an inside tip on some old doors.


The catch was, I had to take them all…  I was thinking, 10-15… I could figure something to do with them.


It ended up being 30 doors.  Who the hell has 30 spare doors laying around. Well… Now I do.


We began w/ a hose and the sun.  Then I got on my trusty work attire, which is some judo pants and an old sweatshirt, no shoes (for safety reasons).  Got the primer, then paint.  Marcus and I went to it.  


I was gonna paint them all different colors in honor of a Puerto Rican restaurant I went too, but since my rugs are so awesome… I can’t have any clashing with my salmon/rust colored turkish centerpiece.  So white had to do.    Then I had an idea… GOLD SPRAYPAINT!!!

I started and they were so bright I had to use some old sunglasses with leather sides  that are awesome, in a barter town way. (found them in a box of stuff… donated paint supplies)

Once I got the doors going, it started raining so I had to finish the painting inside the Yellow room.  They took all day and night to dry, I was annoyed, and this was a good opportunity for me to practice patients I guess.

Now this is when Donal shows up…

This guy is amazing, his spirit animal is a nail gun.  I learn how much I don’t know every time he comes around.  Last time he showed up at 5 we decided to build a stage, we were done and cleaned up by 8.  He estimated the wood down to the inch, and we only had 4  2 inch pieces of 2×4 lefts over at the end of the job.   No planning just improv carpentry and fine craftsmanship.  Irelands finest, then Bono, then fist fighting.

We (I mean Donal) framed it out and and built a temporary but solid room in no time. Ty and I handed him tools and ran up and down stairs getting him whatever he needed to create.  It’s best to stay out of Donal’s way.  He’ll also remind you of that if you start to potentially get in his way.


a couple hours later….  poof.






I never thought Gold spraypaint would have such a clean zen-like feel. Now that there’s a bed and some good light.  I’m in love. Thank you Donal and Ty.