This is the Mayan Calendar…

I know what you’re thinking…

Now how and where do you fit the pictures of kittens on that thing,

Or… it’s way to cluttered for inspirational quotes.

Or…  They could’ve saved a lot of time by just writing 1-31 on a rectangle under a copy of “Footprints”… silly mayans.

Couple things:

The Mayan calendar ends this year…

I think it’s really just a metaphor.   Again, I don’t want to be presumptuous… but… These are some of the things I’ve heard, over and over.

“it’s the end of life as we know it”

Or…   the “end of dominating patriarchal society and world domination”  … could be.

These are all great in theory, and I do have my opinions on this.  As a martial artist, I’m not a huge fan of what is considered, “life as we know it”.  It really isn’t helping with our health and well being, and I’m really not a fan of “domination” or “ruling classes”  due to  achievement and acquiring of power without proper experience and right of passage is a recipe for unbalanced leadership.

Perhaps it’s a reconnection to actual life… as it is, not as how we’ve tried to mold it. Hmmm.

There’s even a bigger metaphor here.  The Mayan calendar is so accurate it must have taken many great thinkers and observers  many days and many nights to create it.   Hours, years… generations.  It’s actually a few calendars.  This is a true lesson on getting PRESENT, and how observing and giving your best resources to observing things so far away and so grandiose may not be such a good idea.

Perhaps these mayans could have spent a little time and energy on their own shit and they could have not wiped themselves out.  Yet our minds are blown by their predictions thousands of years ago about the ending of life, but the prediction of the fact that they were disease ridden or misusing their land PRESENTLY.  Kind of shows that they, just like us, are missing the point a bit.

Perhaps this summary sounds a little familiar…   Much of their demise was an exit from City centers and surrounding villages due to:

Agricultural and nutritional stress such as monocropping (hey corn and soybeans, and a big shout to mineral deficient soil)

Fragmentation of the political structure escalating to disintegration of it, thus abandoning cities cuz they’re just lame… elites and commoners alike.   (hey sound familiar again?  Who trusts  anyone in a suit with a rich daddy trying to gain power through corporate gobbly goo blah blah, or anyone that feels their cause is the right cause that just so happens to pay their rent with their cause too) hmm… I’m one of those people, I pay my rent with martial arts and yoga.  But honestly I know I’m not right, I just like being able to kick high.  Much of the distrust of the ruling class was because they could no longer meet the needs of the people they served… this is why I use the generalization of “rich daddy” . This is more of a term I use for people that gain power without being empowered themselves.  “Daddy” could be anything, we are now a culture with way too much education and way too little experience there’s an imbalance.  Right of passage has been removed from our leader’s growth.  it’s monetary growth not personal and collaborative growth.  Perhaps numbers aren’t everything.

How about  disease and drought… the drought was caused by deforestation to make room for cities… “hey I’ve heard of this too… Didn’t Joan Biaz sing about this?”

So now let’s think a minute… maybe it means it’s the end of worrying about Bigger and Bolder, and what’s going on out in the universe. Perhaps we should get present.  We should know when enough is enough, and start nourishing what we have…  Make it effortless so we can reconnect with each other and our actual needs. Then maybe we can move into the future with things like food and allies.

The great explorers and exploration are necessary in times of hopelessness.  They give us Hope.  Is the cool factor of landing on Mars gonna turn an economy around?   Is finding water in space gonna haze our eyes and make us ok that we’re misusing our natural resources here on Earth?  As we sit wondering who’s hiring.

Perhaps the Mayans knew they were going down, and the stars were their distraction.  Their TV.  Their way to numb out and talk about things other than their current situation.  “did you see what Saturn was wearing? OMG”…   “orion’s belt is so last century”… Lying on your back dehydrated with dysentery and gang green watching a meteor shower like it’s nick at night or the Price is Right in a field where your food used to grow thinking, “man this place used to be cool”