Aaron Blyth, Kerry Wing, Jethro Jeremiah

This was a night of “feel good” acoustic music. Not usually my thing, I swing more towards the dark side, I’m happy enough. I had a feeling though after seeing Aaron Blyth play a while back.

I love Aaron and he was the only person I’d seen before. This guy has the Voice. He’s like if the singer for Hootie and the blowfish was black, although he’s a white guy. Make sense? good… moving on. Aaron writes killer songs. He broke out his new rhythm section that night. They were great too. It was a drummer and stand up bass. The songwriters dream line up. I’m a sucker for that type of trio. They really rocked too. The drummer was a straight up solid rock drummer, and the bassist was right there with him. I was impressed.
Kerry wing was the headliner. He’s working hard, and a deep dude. He keeps bees, and really loves to play. His band is awesome. Songs in the style of psychedelic reggae rock. Some good long form jams, and he has a definite signature to his music. A lot of that type of music sounds the same to me. I’m always impressed when the artist keeps their individuality and isn’t afraid to take it to another place. He plays a lot of different styles, even breaking things down to just piano and voice. Although he went a lot of places musically, his personality is strong enough it didn’t feel like he was searching, or channel surfing to find his “sound” …it’s there.

Jethro Jeremiah. Let’s just say, this man is one of the nicest people in the entire US. Not only did he play music that I’m usually not into. He made me love it. That’s awesome. I’m more impressed by that than anything. I always say, if I don’t like something, I haven’t had it done right yet. He is a “feel Good” Reggae style acoustic songwriter. He performs with 2 female backup singers. I recorded a bit of their show and listened back. I instantly started feeling great. I wanted to hang out in the sun with people I loved. Holy crap. That’s what the music is for. It’s not to blow your mind with technical blah, it’s not to pump you up. It’s to connect with you and make you feel good. Jethro has a stunning voice and his singers were tight tight tight. Some of the best harmonies I’ve heard in a very long time. I’ve returned back to that recording several times so far and find myself smiling, and all I can do is wish this guy great success. I’m definitely a fan. Check him out