My stevie nicks tshirt. 


I wasn’t a fan, until the shirt came into my life, as a joke Bday present.  Now… huge fan.  Love her.  However, I don’t think I actually love the Stevie represented on the shirt.  I’m sure she’s still good and relevant, but the older young Stevie is a little cooler than the newer older Stevie.


A couple things I’ve noticed about the newer older Stevie is the fact she’s wearing a hat that represents the electric youth style of sideways foofy hat that Debbie Gibson dawned.  Just Stevie keeps it edgy and dark by removing the blazer, I’m assuming her outfit is mostly velvet, and the adornments on the hat is more on the crystal vibrational medicine side of fashion vs the theatre masks that Debbie’s sporting.  Nice try debbie, but you can’t mail in mystery.


This adds to the all natural pagan vibe to offset the Danielle Steel vibe.  I think She’s wearing an actual bird.  Take that Bjork.  Either that or a great grey owl is having its way with her.   I may be misinterpreting the picture, but these are the only things I can come up with so far.






Bjork wore a swan, but it wasn’t an actual swan.  Nor was it a swan costume.  It was just a swan dress.  But I think in the picture of Stevie on my tshirt, as I mentioned a second ago… She’s actually inside either a great grey owl perhaps, an arctic bird of prey, or a swan, or is it inside her.  Whatever is going on here, she is effortlessly showing Bjork who the real alpha fairy is.


Stand back.


The shirt itself, fits well, cotton, and was free.  Some of the top characteristics of a good tshirt.  It’s soft too.  I don’t like wearing anything with writing or that has an advertisement on it, however, I’ll bend for Stevie.  The best part is finding out how many people love her.  She’s pretty amazing.  I hear she’s still touring, still making music.  Love it.