Ok so now the next question about Practice is… Where… ? My answer is When?… Kind of.

I link where with when.   I’m pressed for time so if I can’t seamlessly integrate something into my day to day, it’s gonna be tossed. I don’t have the desire or the energy to squeeze another activity into my life.  I should be clearing things out, and I  truly believe that.  The past 3 ex girlfriends were right… You hear that… You’re right.  By the way… Happy birthday TIF!!!

Let’s look at a little theory I call the Grove… I owe this to a few talks I’ve heard from gurus and masters throughout my life.

The grove is a clearing… A clearing of trees or an opening in a trail.   When we were nomadic, and life was probably a little simpler yet at times more difficult. (remember… Simple doesn’t always mean easy)  This clearing was a gift.  When nature was so kind as to clear a space for us, this was the time and place to practice, to cook, to camp, to pray… This was perhaps one of the first churches.  Just a clearing on the path. If it were today, and we were still nomadic, the clearing would be where we all stop and the shitty music comes on and BAM!!! Zumba!!!  Then lunch, then we move on.  It happens when it happens.

Now our path still exists however, I view the path as time.

A clearing in our time.  A TIME GROVE…  (also a horrible sci fi title)

I’m busy, then I’m busy, then I’m not for either 15 minutes or maybe a couple hours.  This is time to practice.  Make it appropriate.  Timing, tact, and taste are necessary in our day to day.  Don’t be that weird new age dude that takes his shirt off and just wants to dance while in some office wondering why everyone doesn’t just lighten up, and that theirs nothing wrong with expressing your “truth”.  However, there’s something we could do in most situations.  By the way… Nothing is also an option.  Just sit.  There’s a lot of information in doing nothing.  Contemplation is some serious business.

Over scheduling often creates rigidity and unnecessary stress.  That frantic moment of “oh shit!!! I’m gonna be late for yoga class… There’s not gonna be room for me and I’m not gonna get to put my mat on my favorite spot”  If you have a favorite spot, you’ve been there twice, if you’ve been there twice you remember something… Practice that.  Do you need that class?  For some things yes, but identify “need” and “want” then just relax and practice at home.

I had a teacher tell me this, “touch your toes on your own time… I’m not here to teach you to touch your toes, you know that”

The concept of the class has a ton of energy, however, if we can’t generate that same motivation alone, it’s not quite in us yet.  Don‘t push it, it will happen you just have to show up… For yourself.    I find it very intriguing how hard people work if they’re having to ignore a bunch of other people in the same room. So the class is very relevant, but integration is necessary. If we can’t take it with us it’s not ours… So if I need people to motivate me, perhaps my practice should shift towards building self motivation.  Honestly, our character and identity will strengthen… I personally need to work on being more motivated in groups.  I’m a little shy, so it’s not all about self motivation, we’re all working on something.

So this is the when and the where… You practice when you can and where you can.  15 minutes or an hour.  Find those groves in your day, and make your practice an integrated part of your day.  This could really free up some energy and ease the burden of health in our lives…

If you put all this together… This is the How


Health has become a chore in our culture, but we’re slowly waking up.  Take your time, show up, do it for yourself and the people that love you.   Thanks for reading.