There are some new apps coming out that are boasting claims to be able to do away with you personal trainer.  Do you mean work out videos on your phone?  Who cares I’ll just youtube some Beverly exercise if I need that.  I’ll put up some of the greatest work out vids for your pleasure.  Just do this stuff it’s safe, it’s sexy, and isn’t that what we’re all about… Safe sexy?

Some classes are so over the top and fashionable they can be intimidating so I see the draw of a moment alone with you and your learning curve.  I’m quite shy myself, and when I get into a yoga class I feel like I’m here [youtube]http://youtu.be/c9YYZ8jktrQ[/youtube] which I’d give anything for a time machine and the disposable income to hire JLC as my trainer.

and work, and sweat!!!

and work, and sweat!!!

A personal trainer can be many things.  Sure,  replace the type of trainer that just gives suggestions of exercises and then tries to sell you bad supplements.  Just, watch a video for exercise ideas.  But in skill… It’s all about the details. we can’t all be  beverly_excercise

I’m going to make a blanket statement here.  This is only due to my experience with people and skill building.  My biggest challenge in the training world is teaching body awareness.  Where are your feet, hands, eyes, tailbone, shoulders.  I meet 1 in 5 and that’s being generous of people that actually know what their feet are doing during an exercise or if their shoulders are rising up to their ears.

Your trainer is there to give right of passage to the next step to recognize habits, to build new ones.   To say more than just “good job” or “High five” or “you go girl”… We’re also here to tell you “slower” “push your knees out” “wait let’s work on your wrists”.  Ignorance is not a bad word, it’s a state of not knowing, sometimes we don’t even know what we don’t know.

When we learn a skill, if the next step is trying to place that skill to someone else’s tempo, be it a work out class or video.  This is adding stress, and if you’ve ever watched people under even the smallest amount of stress… The awareness goes out the door in order to keep up.  Thus the trainer is there to keep us accountable to building good habits.  This is not everyone, nor is it a slight on people that are showing up to train.  This is a thank you to the folks that have some of the best awareness there is.  Awareness of things they don’t have awareness of.  The trainer on your phone will rarely tell you that your thumbs are collapsing in a plank or your knees are asymmetrical in your squat, or that by engaging your lats in downward dog you might not destroy your shoulders.  This is why the trainer is valuable for anyone getting into exercise.

Awareness can be built just like a muscle.  We just have to choose the right path with the right teacher.

Once the habits are built.  Fire the hell out of us, and don’t buy the app because you’ll probably know enough and have the knowledge to continue with some friends, or the confidence to go to a class and be a part of a community.

I’d personally, on another note, like for Richard Simmons to get some props,  as far as people helped. Who’s helped more people? Richard, Oprah, or that Ekhart park bench guy.  My money’s on richard.  He’s a hands-on mutha