This month is the month where I will get to eat a watermelon right off the vine, plant, thing it grows off of.  I’ve never seen a watermelon growing before still haven’t grown one…  There’s just a good amount growing in the open matt garden.  The students, probably Carolyn, planted it, then Elizabeth, Zack, and a ton of others came around and put in a drip system, the whole time I was trying to figure out how to put a “buy now” button under a picture of a Tshirt on the web page.  The whole time not admitting to myself that I should go out there and grab a shovel and let one of them do the web thing too, because, well… They probably know how to do that also.  They can grow things and navigate the virtual world.  However, This is now an exciting time for me as a person that can only punch things and yell my emotions towards them.  I’m about to eat a watermelon.

My knowledge base towards plants is that these plants need water and sunlight.  However, when I first tried to grow stuff, I did my plants a favor and took the pots right out into the sun. Similar to what I did for my dog… I took it out to the dog park. Every single one died, almost instantly.  This was the first realization that biology class wasn’t really getting to in depth about the different needs for different species of plants.  So chalk one up for public school.  Then talk of worms and compost,   then all I could do was sing that “circle of life” song by Elton John.  That instantly made me wonder what movie that song was from so I had to ask someone or I’d go crazy.  It was the Lion King, so then I realized how great that movie was and it was my first Disney movie experience.  Great flick, I won’t get into that, because I already did at the garden party.

Then when it came down to soil and planting, they said things like compost tea…  Mmmm… I realized it’s more than just boiling your garbage.  Worm castings… To me worm casting is when you put it on a hook and cast it into a pond trying to catch a stupid fish, that usually takes all day and unless you drink beer it’s not fun.  As I sit on shore scanning the area for a rope swing or test the water for swimming potential so I can get a little exercise.  Then you catch a fish.. It’s tiny, you throw it back, and the whole time I realize that “castings” is another word for “poop”…

As we mixed the soil, we put in this stuff called diatomaceous earth.  All I could think about is that, I bet there’s a metal band with an album named that.  If not there should be.  Then we put the soil in the big planters and now it’s on..

The watermelons are looking great, the peppers, the kale, the tomatoes, all good.  The next thing that has blown my mind is the concept of stopping the watering of the tomatoes and watermelons in order to make them sweeter.   I would never have thought of this.  My logic would be to keep “watering” something juicy, especially if it’s named “water”melon.  Nonetheless I was wrong.  I’m always wrong by the way, but the good part is that the less facts I know the more I learn.  It saves me a lot of time trying to “empty my cup”… Trust me… It’s empty, just start pooring.

My mind works somewhat like a dribble glass.  I retain a lot of information until I try to use it.. Then it pours out a little hole all over my hoodie and my lap.  Thus my gardening knowledge until now has just left me looking like I peed myself, in public, on purpose.

As far as My logic goes, which as been on fire lately.  What I see is that the most lush part of the garden is where I park my motorcycle.  What does this mean.  Plants love motorsports.  I’m not really sure about the foreign oil crisis or political climate of this issue, but I do feel that imported vehicles are up there with classical music when growing things.  I’m sure a lot more plants have been produced once we started making cars and motorcycles.  Hmm…  Is it a “c’mon man, machines help us do work so we could grow more, due to efficiency”.  I don’t know, I’m just observing.  I do know that this week is the week I get to share fresh watermelon right off the watermelon-ulator, or “plant”.  I do know that, after spending decades around intensity, fighting, music, performing, racing through the countryside, and touring. That lately… these are my biggest joys in life.  Really…

Speaking of “JOY” let me tell you about my new fabric shower curtain.  I bought one… Washable!!!  It was way too big.  Then the task of having to hem it entered into my “to do” list.  Not what I wanted… I’d rather go to the bank, or pay a parking ticket.  So I decided to wash it, then dry it… Guess what…  Yep… You’re right.  It all wrapped up so tightly like a kids movie. The curtain shrunk to the perfect size. Honestly, I’ve been riding this high for a few weeks now.  I’m still blown away every time I take a shower.  This made me thankful for these little moments.  They feel sustainable.  As I talk to all the folks coming back from vacations and burning man… They have to decompress, or recoup from their weeks of depleting joy.  Not this, it’s subtle but doable…  Am I that easy?  Is all I need, just a moment of accurate shrinkage to fit a custom shower situation where, if you’ve ever built a bathroom, there are regulation sizes in the industry.  I did not know that, and I did not measure to an industry standard… I wanted to be able to spin around in my shower if need be.  Which is dangerous… But good to know you can if you want.