If I had a super power it would be the ability to attract a martial arts community that is as nice and humble as they are skilled at their practice.

First off I have to give tons of love to Dennis Ruel and the Hapkido Institute in San Francisco.  This has been my home and my Martial arts family for many years in the Bay Area.  I met Dennis as part of The Stunt People (www.thestuntpeople.com)  and was so relieved to meet such skilled fighters and it never became the ego battle that can often happen between different styles.  They were celebrating the different systems and eager to share and experience.  Constantly learning and humble.  This is a true sign of skill.  Dennis is for real… an amazing teacher and his school, HKI is one of my favorite places in the bay area next to Yum Yum fish for sushi,  Bi Rite for salty caramel ice cream, and Highway 1 for motorcycle rides.

I’ll be talking this place up for the remainder of my time on Earth, honestly.  The teachers there are:  Steve Menache, Troy Carbonel, Kenya Prach, and me.  It’s quite the line up.

check out the hapkido institute