Introducing the Nuevopus.  The octopus with nine legs.  Could it be the natural evolution thanks to oil spills and nuclear fall out, with it’s only super power being an extra leg.  If it bites you will you gain the powers of it, thus growing an extra leg.  Perhaps the most inconvenient super power there is next to becoming a human sea cucumber, so you can turn yourself inside out to gross out crime.


Could it be a new age metaphor of an extra limb to represent it’s spiritual intention manifesting into physical form thus allowing for a stronger foundation and more expansive reach into it’s community and abundance.


As many of my 14-28 year old students would say, does the 9th leg mean it’s a boy octopus?


Really, I used to love this tattoo that my father had…. It was a 4 legged insect.  The special forces guys that I’d met over the years had these tattoos.  They meant certain things, and I thought it was a really subtle and cool idea.  Something you won’t really notice unless you’re looking for it.

It’s a small detail that just is.  Thus adding a leg.  By taking away legs on the animals, it’s more simplified and easier to spot. I of course, have way more time on my hands than a navy seal in Vietnam thus I had to complicate things by adding a leg.  That’s about it.


Jeff Gentry originally designed it, he’s an awesome tattoo artist in North Beach SF… I love this guy and since I don’t desire being tattooed,  I still wanted to connect with his art.  Then the magic was set in by another collaborative effort by my dear friend, Leslie Helpert, who added the 9th leg.  She’s a great musician and artist.  I’m a big fan of hers in every medium she pursues… unless she gets into lip syncing or air guitaring, I’ll always support her work.


Leslie has a coffee table digital book coming out soon of her visual art and you can find her on the web too, her music is awesome…a true master guitarist and vocalist.



Jeff Gentry is in North beach, or surfing somewhere.  Probably one of the most soothing men to hang out with in these parts.  You can see his art on peoples arms, butts, backs, legs… if you know what you’re looking for.


Thank you all for reading and welcome to visual form you little nuevopus.