I will say this. I know a lot of bubbly fitness types. I know a lot of dark artists, I know a lot of dark fitness types, and bubbly artists. Let’s be honest, how bad would we all want to be a part of some dark somber goth fitness class. Apathetically telling you to “breath, even though life’s not worth it” or “feel the burn cuz the pain is the only thing that’s real”.

What am I getting at? I’m just saying that so many people walk through these doors, sometimes to train, to chat, to hang out, to get work done. It’s been a rough year or so for many. However…

The things that all of the fulfilled and truly happy ones have in common is:

they serve others
instant gratification is not a priority
they do not run from “pain” or discomfort

Addictions to instant gratification and pleasure are very common right now. A huge numbing out is happening and when you’re numb, then everything has to be intense to just feel the slightest sensation. It’s a snake eating it’s tale. Life gets tough, uncomfortable, it’s not panning out fast enough, numb out. Too much information is also a way to numb us out. We have 24 hour constant flow of media and updates from our friends and tweets and pings and bangs and kablams. I’m a little out of the loop on the lingo. However, I do know that if you want me to tune out and get all numb, either shoot me with a tranquilizer dart either in the neck or buttocks. Or just start with the information money shot all over my mind that I’d like to call “the news”…

if you don’t believe that our culture is running from pain and numbing out.. then just look at the numbers. The number one killer in America is… Prescription pain killers.

This is the most in your face metaphor I could have ever thought of. It’s almost like I was making that up for the purposes of my argument, but I’m not. I would try and get more facts on this however, that’s more information, then Kablam… I’m part of the problem.