I hear this a lot.

“I tried martial arts before, its too serious, I don’t want to learn to fight I just want to get in shape.”

Amen. Me too.   The traditional structure of an old school martial arts class is an acquired taste.  When we don’t want the peaceful warrior structure of the serious martial arts class, we go to the only logical choice.  BOOT CAMPS and CONVICT conditioning.  The names are what’s funny to me.  Grandiose adjectives to convince you that you’re blowing your own mind.  Cardio Heart Attack, Prison Sex Tantric workshop weekend, AIDS weight loss, Salmonella bowel cleanse, etc…

if you tell yourself it’s hard you’ll believe yourself.  The goal of the Warrior is to relax through extreme situations.  State of mind is key.  Go into it without opinion or judgement, and relax. Like the Sherpa climbing Everest for the 10th time that month right next to the Wealthy Explorer dramatically narrating every step brought to you by North Face.  To one it’s normal, to the other it’s walking on the moon.

Now I’m not taking away the hard work, I’m bringing light onto the ego, and the goal.  To meet our goals.
train hard, relax, and again… know that being powerful is very normal.