This is the CLASS SCHEDULE for May….

Many of you will ask me why I don’t just print one up and hand them out as folks come in the door.  Here’s why.

I have a rotating cast of folks that teach here, train here, and the essence of this place is to stay open to many of the teachers that I know…  for example.  When there’s a yogi or martial artist in town for a bit and they have time to hold a couple classes, I’m in…  I don’t know what works, I do know what’s good.  thus I feel that what’s good works.  Make sense?

From a marketing standpoint I’m completely wrong and misguided in my ways.  From a wellness, martial arts, Warrior perspective, this is the way.  Surround yourself with people better than you, and stay flexible enough to be able to experience opportunities to work with and build allies with inspiring people.  Can’t market that because it doesn’t need marketing.  The Open Matt is just to keep that intention accessible.

This practice is still around because it works.  Martial arts, yoga, Healing work, Rock & Roll, all these are alchemical practices that turn pain, suffering, aggression, chaos, aimlessness, or just mundane life, and turn them into a path of empowerment and joy.   Many times in our history these practices have met huge opposition… why?  because they work…  After all the attempts to stifle and exterminate martial artists, healers, or any other practice that empowers communities on a macro and micro level, guess what…  they just stopped advertising and kept showing back up.  Why?  yep… because they work.  

Why does this crap work so well?

Well, we have 2 hands, 2 feet, and a lot of time to figure out ways to use these tools.  If we stay open, we’ll be able to create ways to sharpen these tools.  If we welcome more and more information then we evolve.  This is the way.  Keep defeating what you know to keep growing wiser and evolving.  This is art right?   Our techniques evolve our imaginations our consciousness expands, and this allows for more growth and evolution of our bodies and minds… Our joints still move the same way, our fundamentals are pretty solid.  Honestly, the intention of The Open Matt was to have a spot where I can selfishly have some practice time with some bad asses…  and puff out my chest with pride as these people share their knowledge with others and I can beam with gratitude as I realize that this world has some amazing people in it.

The marketing behind this is simple… invite people to seek out their own path.  It’s not important what it is, or who it’s with, it’s about empowerment and devotion, based on values, and being able to just show up and grow.  This is the absolute worst marketing plan possible.  YAY!!!  I’m not a company man, never was.  More like, a guy that likes having access to an empowered community so I can friggin relax.  Your path to empowerment doesn’t take up space it holds space, it’s always surrounding you, it’s there for you when you need it,  and it’s kinda hot.