There’s more to this than what’s on our menus

It say’s here I’m “year of the __________”… We’ve all been there just before our General Tso’s chicken shows up… But what’s your hour?  Your Chi Character?  Your Fate?  Your Health Palace? Ancestors?

Scott’s a great martial artist, he’s found his calling with this stuff.  His devotion to his practice is only matched by his devotion to the mantic arts. He’s a student in Chinese Mantic Arts (cosmology, Zi Wei polestar astrology, feng shui) with Liu Ming in Oakland, Ca (  He’s offering chart readings at the open matt.   I’m grateful to have him here and to be able to offer something so valuable to the community.

The basic knowledge of chi character and moving in line with that has helped me not only as a person, but as a teacher, and a friend.  It’s helped me not only make choices, but when to act or not act on those choices.  It’s some good insight.  Your Year, your Hour, your fate, your chi character, relationships… he’s probably not going to give you lotto numbers… but just ask me…I’ll throw a couple winners your way.

It’s simple … just set up an appt. by clicking here

Here’s what you’re reading will cover.

Natal (what you’re born with/fate profile)  and Transits (10 year transit cycles)  the sessions are 2 hours $200.