Websites like hulu have “personalized ads”, where they ask… “is this ad relevant to you?”.  I find that nothing has ever been relevant to me, and no matter what I click it’s always the same ads, stop giving me the idea that I have a voice.  However, I was confronted with a moment, now that I just instantly go up to “no”, click, and move on.  Actually thinking that this will make a difference in my viewing experience.  I’m still bombarded with tampon ads in which I guess I could use for nose bleeds if they come small enough, chemical products that can cover bad odors by spraying toxic chemicals into the air, some banking promotions I’m not eligible for, credit cards I don’t want although the mileage would be nice so I can go into debt for a free flight.  There are a couple pharmaceuticals that I get a laugh out of, just because of the side effects.

I’m now thinking of selling a hammer for pain.  So if you have pain in your foot you hit yourself in the head, I’ll call it “transferia” (side effects may include: bumps, bleeding, and wounds on head, potential brain trauma, and something to build a tree fort with). Or perhaps a form you fill out with your personal info that once you think you have depression or some SAD we trace your address and send people out to turn off your water, kidnap your family, and steal all your food.  Now you can realize what a real problem is.

Right when I went up to the “no” button, the pregnant lady on the screen said, “children with cancer”… crap.   Is this relevant to me?  Not really.  If I click yes will this be the first time my survey is heard and now all I’m gonna get are cancer kid commercials…  Because then I’ll be depressed and I’ll have to take that pill I just saw.  So I paused, then laughed to myself, not at cancer kids, but at the seriousness and weight of this situation. As a man, I need to be able to make these decisions.  Of course I clicked “No”.