So back at the beginning of this year, I had a really amazing trainer show up to Sunday Training at the Hapkido Institute in SF.  I’ve been teaching there for years and there’s always a great flow of martial artists and yogis from all over coming to practice.

This girl was a Kettlebell instructor and I took here through some of the basics of Kettlebell yoga.  Now this is a total different animal than the Russian KB systems.  It’s of course very similar in some ways, however, it’s a little more on the balance and slow grace vs. the insane strongman power of the Russians.  It’s basically just a matter of preference.

Thanks to her I’m now getting calls from out of town to come and train this unique system, and it’s mainly women, which is a great testament to the system.  The KB is such a complete tool, not only in it’s results, but in its simplicity.  Therefore, once we have the frame and core, we’re only limited by our imaginations. Which is all art.  I don’t know many women that are wanting that Circus strongman body.  Or to be powerlifters. I do know a few and they’re awesome.  However, now that I’m older and training yogis and martial artists often dealing w/ injuries or posture issues.  The KB is the tool that can get us to where we want to be as long as we understand the movements and have a good stable frame.

It’s your own personal guru hanging on your arm, and if you’re anything like me, it reminds you of some of your old teachers.  Doesn’t talk, a little cold, but really teaches you just by showing you if you’re in balance or out of balance, and giving a little resistance just where you need it.  Your ambition and excitement will subside as it’s its own rite of passage.  Too much weight?  Fall.  or injury.  Thus, work on longevity and good form while burning lots of calories and stabilizing your body.  You’ll build flexibility along with strength as well as the internal benefits of yoga.

I used to keep this system to myself, just like a lot of the Persian Forms that I know.  This year people are opened up and ready to learn something this deep, it can be a little difficult if we haven’t built the foundation.  Now that kettlebells are becoming commonplace along with yoga, there’s demand for extensions of our practice.  It’s added a new life into my own practice, watching already amazing athletes and trainers add this movement and these principles into their routines.   This is not a thing that I market as extreme or boot camp-ish.  True power is relaxed and calm.  A title wave doesn’t glorify it’s power with a bunch of yelling.  It’s that quiet peace that will ground us and move us towards empowerment.

Now there are more and more trainers turning onto kettlebell yoga, locally and internationally.  Thank you, and I’m looking forward to sharing it more this year.