I’m always trying to find A new and relevant way to communicate why we need self-defense. This means adapting the martial arts lens.

It’s important to realize that this lens is very broad. Self-defense can be a ton of different things:

Awareness: Know your surroundings and know if you like to drive after a few drinks, “GIMME THE KEYS LISA, I’LL DRIVE!!!” take a LYFT…
Being aware of habits is just as important as being aware of your surroundings. That internal awareness can get us into trouble, out of it, or avoid it all together. Sometimes bad timing of an off colored joke can get us fired which can make us desperate, which can put us into places that we’re no longer safe. I know kids in their teens that will still run out into the street without looking. I know of a town called Berkeley where adults do that… all the time. Is this stupidity, entitlement, or just excitement??? You tell me… I mean… tell yourself.

Do we have to check our phones right when we get in the car??? Check and see if it’s safe first at least.

Headphones while walking down the street???  You know better… Do you tune out or tune in???  Martial arts is about personal accountability and responsibility.  If we want freedom we need to be aware and responsible.

The phone is perhaps the ultimate monkey wrench to your awareness, and access point to your private information. Just sayin’….

Communication: Violence is in many ways just another form of communication. It’s often the result of many failed attempts at other forms of communication. Even though you’re being robbed, perhaps that person has or hasn’t been applying for jobs for the past year and since they get nervous at interviews, just haven’t landed one yet. Listening is just as important as speaking which is just as important as body language. That reminds me of a horrible song I heard at an open mic… “listen to my eyes”  Maybe he was a karate instructor with an acoustic guitar… I can relate man, my songs suck too.  GET MY NEW ALBUM HERE!!!

Fighting:  Fighting to escape vs fighting to hurt vs fighting for status vs fighting to kill. They all have different rules, and if you fight, you might have to stand in front of a jury and explain yourself. So be aware of that. If we learn from a military instructor we may learn to take life and forget that we’re not backed by the Geneva Convention. So again… be aware.

Nutrition:  with proper nutrition, we can think clearly and hey… walk down the street without looking sick.  Posture is important, if you look like a victim you might be one. READ THIS ON POSTURE

New ways for criminals to access your resources are always evolving, just like rats, you gotta respect em’ whether you like it or not.  New tools for self-defense are showing up all the time too, if you don’t evolve you’ll be infested.

Now it’s all about online attacks “Attechs???” (that’s stupid forget I said that…) Online stalking, online bullying, identity theft, I’m sure there’s gonna be a moment where you or your wallet just get sucked into your computer like TRON, or Carol-Ann into the TV.  Now you’re kicking yourself for not knowing how to throw a light up frisbee or have a priest on speed dial.

Wisdom is seeking cause and effect… and the effects of a cyber attack can be pretty brutal. You won’t be punched or shot, but it’s quick and invisible and can take your resources to survive in this world, usually money or your identity, now they’re on spotify as you listening to bad music and it’s public and everyone thinks you like Reggaeton, NOT COOL.  A lot of violence is because people have run out of ways to gain resources. So… learn to protect yourself online as well.

Kids are being stalked online (stop telling the public you’re feelings!!!), you are too… 474 arrests were just made in LA county and 55 were pulled from human trafficking… READ HERE. I mean hey, the internet doesn’t even act like it’s not spying on you. Just go on amazon and search the most random object then go on any blog, news site, or social media. That random object will be in a banner or somewhere on your feed within seconds, and if you don’t buy it, you’ll get an email asking if you still want it. If they can do it, then some 15 year old in Russia probably taught them how.

The worst part is, you can’t just find the cyber attacker, kick in their mom’s basement door and pull their underwear over their heads while pouring their slurpee all over their semen covered keyboard thus saving the world from their tyranny… feel free to dump their bong on their playstation too… You can’t find em, and how do you fight that??? 

You protect yourself… How do you do that??? I have no idea…

Thus we have a workshop on creating a safer tech presence. I call this…



Will it help… maybe???

Will you be attacked online??? Don’t know

We don’t train self defense to build paranoia… We do it to be able to relax. Be prepared, then enjoy yourself. People that are prepared are less ignorant, less reactive, and can focus on being present. It’s a part of health. Knowing how to swim keeps you enjoying the beach, knowing how to fight keeps you able to avoid fights. It’s simple. Remember, in case of cyber attack you can’t just shoot your computer.