I’ve  been in a few inspiring musical projects this year. People and Projects that I love.  (Velvet Hour, Audio Angel, Isis G) The musical connections I’ve been able to have over the past few years as a collaborative songwriter have kept me inspired.  For me… I connect w/ people by sparring, eating, or playing music.  These are activities that really get down to who we are.  Thus, I do them a lot.  Eating is a given, if you don’t I hear bad things happen, and I don’t wanna find out.  Being ignorant to the feeling of starvation is a wonderful and delicious state to be in.  Sparring and playing music, well, are just two moments that if you don’t SHOW UP fully, it’s not gonna be fun.  Thus keeping me humble and always practicing.

The first thing was my own personal item:  Phantom Limbs. It’s a solo effort, songwriter stuff, some rock n roll all as a vehicle for my pisces driven heart whipping out page after page of poetry. I’m now happy to be happy, and making this record represents the birth of my radical optimism.

Get it on itunes I did this record in a CA, MA, and GA with some super amazing musicians, producers, and engineers.

Then I secretly went into my youthful hair metal roots and it secretly manifested a rare breed of human known as the “shredder”. I was invited to be the music director for this project called VELVET HOUR.  Love these guys it took me back to FL in the 80’s, but still with some modern know how.   This little guy was nourished. (me at age 12)

I admit, I could’ve met some punks or death metal guys, but this stuff takes some conviction and practice. I loved hearing Mike on the Vocals.  Shredding your face off.  We worked with Gordon Brislawn from Bad Habit Recordings.  Great guy, he helped w/ the pioneering of the “live in the studio” front page features of itunes , back when it was a new concept of music distribution.

get VELVET HOUR on itunes if ya want.

I’ll keep you posted on Audio Angel, and Isis G’s music.  These girls are for real.  I thank the universe daily for linking me up with the likes of them.