We need a new hashtag #Presidenting

Anytime we see Trump doing things just to spite the opposition, he’s “presidenting.”

Trump just “presidented” at us this week. Spitefully signing to continue the Keystone and Dakota Pipelines, women’s rights??? really??? Even considering equality as a potential yes/no reminds of a bumper sticker I once saw “SERIOUSLY… Y’all still litter???”  SERIOUSLY… Your still debating equality???”  You’re building a wall???

“Presidenting” is similar to Millenials that have to film themselves while changing a tire or boiling water to turn basic life skills into novelty, or to prove how incapable they are, but now they’re trying… they call it “adulting.”  Trump is now “presidenting”. Showing all his doubters and opposition that he’s in charge. I’m surprised he doesn’t end his decision making #presidenting with “how ya like me now.”

The president is supposed to be a leader, a servant, but…

He’s acting like that 17-year old that just got promoted to assistant manager, and he’s giving the cool kid all the bad shifts because they like the same girl. “Yeah!!! How you like me now Brad… Guess we won’t be seeing you at the party, now that you gotta work Friday.”

America is not a cheerleader, and democrats aren’t squares. We need folks that will remember the cooler and blankets, folks that organize where, when, and how, but who’s in charge of the music??? Oh, they’re not here because you were #presidenting… well now your party sucks. Get some fresh eyes, and ears, get some opposition in your bubble, challenge yourself by inviting challenge, cuz hey… it’s comin’ regardless… better practice. Don’t just lash out at all opposition by #presidenting at them…

(Also… please explain hashtags to me)

There’s a difference between an opponent and an enemy… There’s a Difference between consciousness and confidence.

If you’ve ever played a sport, especially contact sports like MMA, wrestling, football, or Boxing. Oftentimes, the person that is your greatest opponent, and will give you the fight of your life, will often become a dear friend. They’ll be one of your greatest assets. Pushing you beyond what you thought you were capable of. To eliminate them or insulate yourself from them is to stunt your own growth and adaptation. To adapt is to thrive. That’s kinda the essence of basic capitalism. Let competition drive innovation and adaptation, don’t eliminate the competition, push each other. Elimination = Monopolization = Stagnation = Corruption = weird north Korean guy.

It seems we’re confusing opponents with enemies. This election was a spectacle designed to make us react on an emotional level, and a huge distraction as well as deflection of their worthiness to lead and willingness to serve.

When I was a kid I heard this story of 2 generals… one had a much greater army, and when he met the other on the battlefield.  The General with the lesser army spit in his face…  The General went back and said, “let’s go…”  His men said, “Why??? We’re stronger, better trained, twice the troops… we can win this…”  The General replied, “He made me mad… lets go”

This is a great fable on how reactionary decision making is the path to carelessness, arrogance, and will often hurt more than it helps… To simplify it… Emotions make us kinda stupid. So get through them, listen to them, but don’t react, take a breath and respond.

I admit I can be a little eccentric sometimes. Thus, I would LOOOVE a conservative teammate to keep this ship on course. Yeah, yeah, we would rarely agree on the superficial stuff. (ex: Funk bands??? MOVE ON!!! Pumpkin pie spice is NOT THAT GOOD!!! Sandwiches, or salads for lunch??? WHY??? There are so many other choices around here, and way more interesting than a sandwich!!! Make your own it’s cheaper and you could do better than that place… it’s a waste of money… don’t get me started on soccer or brunch. Now I’m mad at my conservative teammate.) All differences aside, I’m sure we can agree on working towards the same goal and meet there. I’m not going to lash out at that person just because we disagree, I’d hate to live in a world run by manic artists… trust me… we need managers.

Diversity of mind is important..

So now that we’re bonded as different minds and lenses on the same team… (I love diversity)  Turn me on to a sandwich.  (Sandwiches??? Just go with me on this…)

If you know me, I’ve talked of The Refuge down in San Carlos, and their Reuben sandwich… which is actually one of the best food items in the damn country. I go there all the time, and can’t shut up about it, it’s a “Must Eat.” I learned about it from a dreaded meeting w/ a  conservative guy, set up by, “let’s meet there they have great sandwiches.” I could barely hear him over his Tommy Bahama shirt and talk of “sport.” I thought I should see what he likes about the place so I said, “I’ll have what you’re having.” Once the sandwich showed up, my mind was blown. Opening up to something he was into turned a business meeting into a share-fest.  We ended up talking about music, business, how he could support it, how I could use some help, how he wants to work out more, and it was great to hear the perspective of a person that sees life through a lens that I’m not used to. He wasn’t a musician he was into finance, I don’t do finance, it was enlightening to hear the way he experiences the things he enjoys, and how in essence, we’re both reaching for the same things. I’ve learned and benefitted a ton from this relationship. Much more than that other guy that thinks just like me, he taught me how to stay at home and keep up the mediocre poetry because it’s my “truth.” Screw that guy, he moved to portland, then that didn’t work out, so he’s back in his hometown saving up to travel.

We now listen to each other, and hear what we’re saying. There’s trust and respect. We won’t get there in the way that we’re going. I admit just by thinking about #presidenting is a shaming way of approaching this. We as “conscious” or progressives will all agree that shame is perhaps the worst way to approach communication, right there next to anger, fear, rage… so Perhaps he’s #presidenting at us because we’re attacking him too. I’m not sticking up for the guy… by all means march!!!

Trump is letting his opposition know that you’re either with him or against him. Yet, surrounding yourself with wise and often opposing views will teach all of us and help us lead. Trump isn’t a leader, he speaks with bravado and confidence. Please don’t mistake that with wisdom or consciousness. Just look at the numbers of Atlantic City. Not doing so well. He was very confident. He was #presidenting

It wasn’t cute then either.