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Practicing Part 2… The When The Where?

Ok so now the next question about Practice is… Where… ? My answer is When?… Kind of. I link where with when.   I’m pressed for time so if I can’t seamlessly integrate something into my day to day, it’s gonna be...

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Practicing… The What The How The When The Where 2 part blog series.

What to practice, when to practice, how to practice, where to practice. Well if you’ve ever been to a yoga class or a martial arts class or a dance class, I’m sure there’s a warm up, a part where there’s what I call an...

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How to start fights with animals… becoming a bowman.

I’ve been working on my archery skills lately… Not obsessing, which is unlike me, however, I got things to do these days… The archery course is very much like a golf course, just with landscapes that have things that...

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