The Open Matt is in a tiny warehouse, in a giant parking lot.  7 acres in the urban word is hard to come by.  That’s why we’re there.

We share the parking lot during the day with a few small businesses…  The Hop-a-long animal rescue, or what I call it.  The place with the kittens in that room.  Then there’s the digital cigarettes place, I don’t know what that is, but I’m assuming digital cigarettes means we’re really close to flying cars, so that’s cool.  There’s a restaurant design place, I’m grateful for the constant reminder of how to spell restaurant. There’s the guy with the harley.  I don’t know what he does, he looks like he does whatever he wants.

Now we get to Aspire.  I know them as the people I don’t know.  I’ve waved, said hey, not much interaction. All I knew about them was that they walk to lunch, and dress nice.

Last week I got an email from them trying to get to the bottom of the mysterious Yoga place they heard was their neighbor.  I have no sign.  (gotta paint it)  I have no schedule (tried, got too busy with private clients).  We talked,  and I invited them to my 12:30 Yama Class.   They were amazing.

I love the initiative of  Charlene.  She came in with two friends to see what we’re all about, and if I’m legite. Now they’re doing 2 days a week Yama Series training.  I know and work on a ton of people with office jobs.  It’s so great that they’re taking the time to stretch and get back in their bodies mid day.  Smart.  Charlene wasn’t sure how many people would even want to do it, and when she sent out that office notice.  12 people instantly replied.  It just goes to show how many people want health in their lives, and if our schedules allow integration, it’ll happen.  This is the secret, integrating healthy  habits to take the place of the ones that are moving us away from health and happiness.

The funny thing is that usually our jobs are the things that move us away from our health.  hmm.  We spend a lot of time at work.  A yoga practice, martial arts, or anything really that gets us moving can do wonders.  Yoga/kung fu was “series of poses to keep us strong and healthy while we sit for long hours in meditation”.  Now we’re sitting long hours at desks.  Not really meditation, however, it’s sitting for a long time, and with stress and blah blah… get up, breathe, and even throw some kicks.

Welcome Aspire, looking forward to it.