I was supposed to have a day off this year, and that was a vacation to New Orleans to visit our friend Daniel who was shooting a new martial arts series for AMC. However, my travel mate/friend/future business partner and I ended up working with the great cast of Into the Badlands doing bodywork and stuff. They all go so hard for long hours, it was the least we could do.

We were there for Daniel Wu. A few months before shooting his series I got to work with him.IMG_2806

As a trainer, this guy’s what we’re all looking for. Crazy talent, super work ethic, and humble as he is interested in martial arts, art, film making, music… Basically, he’s successful for a reason. It is no accident.

His show is coming out November 15th. Check it out… I don’t know too much about it, I try and go into these things with a “surprise me” type of attitude, especially if I respect the hell out of the artists. Everyone was great. The martial artists were top notch, the writers that I met were super interesting. The producer and director had “the Power” as well as a refreshing love for Rock Bands, which is rare these days. I’m a fan and can’t wait to take that vacation by sitting down in a chair and watching it… November 15th.

This scene is great just because I love seeing people I know making movies doing martial arts. The skill level of these guys is insane.