So if I learned anything by watching the matrix, it’s that in the future we’re all models and ravers, and our fate will be in the hands of people that know how to manipulate computers.

Those people on those computers will be good at being something else when they’re online.  So it’s a high stakes pretend fight/war.  Gamers paradise.  I think we’re almost there with drones, I’m sure drone operators wished the drones looked like really fit versions of themselves in really tight clothes.

If I’ve learned anything from traveling and the “post apocalyptic” raver scene, it’s that the apocalypse will be very expensive, and yes another rave.  So our future is basically a rave.

At least the women will be smokin hot, hairless, oily, and the men will be too, unless they’re making things happen in which the men will be really hairy but well groomed.

The matrix is also an out of touch excuse for why someone  stopped going to martial arts class.  It took way to long to get good, it was way too hard, and it’s not really magic even if you do get good.  Fighting should be pretty, done by pretty people.  Therefore this exclusive path of warriors, all their devotion, and their selfless service to protect others needed to be shifted to well dressed models wielding their frail skeletons at each other in order to benefit mankind.

Yeah but if they died in the matrix they’d die in real life so they were really putting their lives on the line.  

If you stay on the computer everyday all day playing games and pretending your something you’re not, you’re pretty much dead anyways.

Yeah but the matrix is a metaphor for controlling the mind and manifesting your truth through the power of thought and intention.  

Martial arts, skill, nature?   It doesn’t work like that.  Control the mind to control the actions and intentions of those actions.  They must work together. Try sitting around and looking at your vision board with a picture of bruce lee on it, then play some street fighter, then go enter an MMA match.

Yeah but… 

You’re wrong, stop, go outside… Enjoy the movie for what it is, a movie… And be what you are… Don’t eat the blue or red pill especially if a raver is offering them to you… Either one you’re gonna lose at least a day.