Reclaimed wood, a little know how… and the one and only Ty Abrams. (shown below during the golden doors project).  A wonderful addition to The Open Matt’s mission of creating a place to relax and flourish.  First step… Breathe.  Then Move… now we eat.  That’s when Ty comes in.  Along w/ Carolyn (the gorgeous one)  Aaron (the mysterious angelic one) and Marcus (the magnificent graceful powerhouse)We now have a garden project.

Ty has built some Beautiful planters out of reclaimed wood.  Big, solid, and beautiful, just like his thighs (if you’ve trained with Ty, you know what I mean)

The plants are sprouted from seed, the dirt is next then we’re ready for summer.  Come by and hang out in the sun, eat some organic fresh greens, and spiral upwards with the rest of us.

Here are the planters, complete with benches.  I believe he’s gonna sell one for a very good price.  This is why we’re here at The Open Matt.  To create a good simple flourishing life.  It’s not all  rollerskates and sun, we work too.  Thanks Ty, Carolyn, Aaron, and Marcus.