Thank you James Metzer from

He’s a Judo guy, and had an issue with his elbow. He stopped in to say hey, which was a pleasant surprise. We met at a show we had here at the Open Matt, a month or so ago, and he was awesome. A music fan and a martial artist. That’s all I needed to know and he should come by more often.

I did a small couple muscle tests and it revealed a couple things about his elbow, and being a “judo guy” myself, as well as, practicing Jujitsu, I gave him my thoughts. Then worked on his elbow for about 30 seconds.

Later that night, I get an email, about how his elbow feels much better, and he’s super impressed and grateful. He’d been to the Dr. a couple times and this saved him money on other tests, and as he said, “drugs that will just hurt his liver”… amen.

He then posed the question of how could he Donate some $$$ to me for helping out. It was my pleasure, it was 30 seconds out of my life to help out someone very cool, and his money is no good to me in this situation, perhaps a good testimonial to some friends to help the word of mouth of my business. I admit though, a million bucks would be nice. This goes out to everyone… if you donate a million bucks, I’ll give you 600,000 back, and take you to tahiti for a week, on me. any who …

The next day, I get another email. He’d made me a Yelp page for The Open Matt, and wrote a great review. He has a website, seo, consulting company. This type of effort and repayment, is so valuable to me, much more than he knows. Thank you James. I would have, honestly, never thought of doing that. Burning calories to help someone out, is just as valuable, or more valuable in some instances than money. This is currency. I wouldn’t have spent the money on this, I would have gone to the farmers market and bought some raw chocolate, or put it in my fund for some new header pipes for my motorcycle. Both of which are very wise investments, as far as my “business” mind is concerned. However, not so much according to the rest of intelligent society, perhaps I let them call the shots every now and then.

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