I was turned onto these guys by my dear friend Graham Patzner.  Check him out too.  This show was a Prog rock, psychedelic evening, all starting with frozen folk.    Imagine an evening of black keys and zeppelin with horns in a tiny room.

This was the first time we ever had bands in the music room.  We brought out the subwoofers, ran power to the stage from all over the warehouse to get them loud enough just in case the coast guard couldn’t hear… and we were off.

It’s like someone had a knob.. on one end of the dial it said “indie bad ass nerd music”  the middle said “psychedelic rock Journey”  then to “proggy mathey with actual soul”  Not the heady stuff.  The “why can’t I stop leaning forward or blink during this song” type of music.

Frozen folk opened.   Killer guitar work they started on the first end of the dial.  Skinny jeans, crazy hair, wiggley legs, shredding musicians, tight as a frogs ass.

Then Cadet.  The middle dial.  Searching for definition in their sound by taking you through all their ideas.  They do it all well.  Guitar solos that don’t make me wanna shove the guitar down the throat of every other guitarist that plays solos. . (cuz man they’re all sounding the same these days… anywho)  Cadet was awesome.  It’s been about a month and I love their record too.  They have great songs.  Great arrangements, and are working their butts off.  I’m looking forward to seeing how far these guys go.  They’re great, and I can tell they’re still just babies, in the way that they’re inspired in their music, and there’s an obvious ceiling that is slowly being removed as they keep playing.

Then we’re on the other end to Cash Pony… wtf.  My buddy mentioned how gutsy it is to walk on stage with a sitar and bass guitar swarming with effects and a baritone sax.  With an attitude of either “this is gonna suck” or “this is gonna rule”  no middle of the road potential here.

After the 3rd note my friend and I just looked at each other and gave that “wow, we’re happy we’re here” look.

Cash Pony is Proggy and very complex.  They don’t overwhelm though.  Like a lot of math bands in the 90’s that were playing to blow your mind to the point that your girlfriend just wants to leave and listen to her cure album or dashboard confessional cd.  The girls were right there with them, and the music nerds were too.  They also have a great secret weapon in their Bass player. Some of the best playing, and use of effects I’ve heard since the 70’s.  Not to mention a great artist.  These guys have all the makings to make it, they just have to not know that and keep focused on the great energy they create.

Melodic complex, and very accessible, was the entire night.  I’ve seen some of the folx back around the Open Matt for other shows.

All the bands were heavy on the music side, and light on the lyrics side, I’m hoping this balances out soon for them.  Bad example, but if you listen to the first scorpions stuff, like “lonesome crow”, it’s very similar to Cash Pony (and they don’t even know it).  However, to stay in the running , we’ll also want something to sing along with. I’m optimistic.  Nothing like time and experience to build on the huge amount of soul already contained in these bands. I’m blessed to have a space for this type of expression.