Thank you to Ryan, for discovering my love and need for gold leaf paint.  He dropped off a box of said gold leaf and as a bonus there was an Elvis Christmas album (I’ll review it this July, I promise)  and these Glasses

I’m not one for sunglasses, they give me an “attitude” that I don’t feel I can maintain without laughing at myself, and getting annoyed with the fact that my over developed eye hair  (lashes in this case) are flicking the lenses.  Then before I can say “how do I look”… I’m over it.

This attitude can also be magnified, and so can my self consciousness, by a piece of gum.  Throw in a leather jacket and I’ll just start uncomfortably making outsiders jokes, or fonzi jokes. Then shed my layers, spit out my gum (in a piece of paper of course to not be an “A”hole to the garbage can), and feel the relief of being free from the confines of an image.

But doesn’t the sun bother your eyes?  Nope, it doesn’t, and I grew up on the white sand beaches of Pensacola, no problems with the brightness, or my eyes. So I don’t want to hear about the benefits of sunglasses.

However, when I started the “Doors Project”, I had the sun at my back, and a can of gold spray paint in my hand.  Not aware of how metallic this would be, I wasn’t aware of the glory that I was about to experience.  The sun was majestically reflected back into my retinas with vengeance.  Thus I sought the safety of the bad glasses goggles you see above.  Not only were they just uncool enough to diffuse my expectations of the attitude I needed to back up the shades.   They also had random leather at the bridge of the nose and the sides of the lenses to almost create a “goggle”.  An anti-fashion eye cocoon of leather and thick shatterable lenses.

wow.  The leather.  great Idea.  I ride motorcycles and if the lenses weren’t already scratched by being in the bottom of a box of paint and putty knives, if the leather wasn’t riding the line of dry rot.  I’d have these things on all the time.  Well… not really.  They don’t fit under a helmet due to the “sure fit” spring like ear hooks that don’t just hold them in place, they actually fasten them to your head.

They did serve as a great safety device and allow me to be able to work in the sun.   They did serve as a trip down memory lane of the old days of vacationing in Myrtle beach in the 80’s.  These glasses were the competition for “Ferrari” glasses, which some of you may remember, came in a leather pouch.  they were aviator style that folded up.  The one hit wonder glasses of the time were these.  Round lenses with leather= Pot smoker, Ferrari’s= cocaine. Both to be overshadowed by Max Headroom’s glasses later which also brought the two worlds together, next thing was you didn’t who was who.   Everyone had the same shades and smelled like Drakkar or obsession, so you had to watch their feet and jaw to see if they were fidgety or mellow, grinding their teeth or “mouth breathing”, wide eyed or half mast… I’m sure I’m missing a few tried and true styles, I really didn’t pay that much attention, I was too busy playing air hockey, watching kung fu theatre, and making nunchakus (numchucks) by, as we say in the bay area… “repurposing old broom sticks and chains”  instead of rocking the shades.

Thanks for the glasses ryan.  Now that the Doors are finished I honestly don’t know where they are.  The weather is beautiful and the sun is high. I’ll be enjoying the brightness and potential debris all summer.