So this is how it goes on my end… as an undercover elitist, I took Jen’s class the other day. It’s a rare moment to be able to attend someone else’s yoga classes. I’m pretty devoted to my practice and it just happens to go all day. The last thing I need to do during my time off is to do another damn forward bend or vinyasa. Honestly, on my time off I should just get some ice cream sit in a dark room completely still while watching stoner flicks and hold my breath, or surf the web covered in dorito crumbs. Basically I seek lethargy and moments void of expression, not to mention when it comes to yoga, I’m pretty loyal to Donovan, he’s been a fitness soulmate of mine for years.

I took Jen’s class, I loved it, it was perfect for me and what I need as a man of action. Good long holds, she’s intuitive and prescriptive, and really… I just like the girl. She’s good people. This is a big moment for me to find a good balance for the space. I’m such a devotee to folks like Donovan and Scott, complete fanatics that somewhat intimidate with their effortless skill while leaving you inspired but questioning if you could ever “get there”… You can, they can help, and you’ll love every second. Jen showed up, she has great skill too, but also a quality of exceptional skill along with exceptional accessibility to her path. Kind, attentive, and strong. I’m in just due to the fact that I haven’t taken a class where I kept thinking “That was perfect” so many times after.

I guess this is an ad for her, but really it’s a moment of clarity on my end too, of really appreciating good work. Thanks jen. Here’s the link to her page Like her, and check out her articles here that she’s posted on the blog. here’s a little about her so you don’t have go all crazy surfing though… carpal tunnel is real y’all.

Jen has been hooked on practicing yoga since wandering into her first class 12 years ago. Her passion for teaching stems from her belief in yoga’s universal power to heal the bodies, minds, and souls of students of all levels, ages, and backgrounds. She has studied under a variety of yogic traditions and is trained as a teacher of the YogaWorks method, which blends the principles of Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Viniyoga. Her approach emphasizes injury prevention through proper alignment and sequencing, the linking of breath and movement, and respect for both the power and limitations of human bodies.