Yama Series

Yoga & Martial Arts Sequence. An old-school study in basic human efficiency

Yama Saturday intensives are going  strong!!!

The roots of many martial arts can be traced back to Yoga. From China through the Middle East. They balance each other out and will bring your practice to a new level. FOR REALS!!! Every Saturday we dive into the details. All levels welcome.

The Basics

Bandhas, breathing, & how to check in and observe yourself to create a safe practice

The Sequence

Like a song, learn it, and it goes everywhere with you, but you have to learn it first.

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Condition & Educate

Learn to condition and educate your practice. Create effortlessness through effort


Don’t take my word for it… learn to adapt. Meditation, fitness, yoga. It’s in there, find it. 

Yama getting us in Shape for Into The Badlands on AMC

China came out to see how we are getting geared up for one of the most martial arts heavy TV shows in the world.

What else? What’s it all about??? How do I get more out of my practice??? 

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Our Dream Clients


We all struggle to empty our cup, so being a beginner, you’re already ahead of the game. Some of our most devoted students were never interested in training. They actually didn’t like yoga or martial arts… now they’re here every day!!!

Martial Artists

This will make your power HUGE and add longevity to what is oftentimes an erosive activity. MMA, Judo, BJJ, Karate, Kung Fu, Military, Law Enforcement. All forms train this system. It balances us out.  

Yoga "Folks"

Yoga often opens us up, however, this is the next step to expanding our dynamic range and our practice. It’ll bring together many of the “Why’s” in our Poses and educate our structure to tap into our inner Guru. Listening and tapping into the body’s innate intelligence.

If you just want a challenge

This system is DEEP!!! You first have to show up and get the basics down. Then there’s 40+ different conditioning sets, Club Swinging, Kettlebells, Partner work. Take it as far as you want.