What would you do if Money wasn’t the Object???
So then we project our own deficiencies, or regrets, or dreams, whatever, onto the conversation.  Would you be a painter? Live in France? A musician? Ride horses?

That’s the question?  Really?  Is money the thing that’s keeping you from learning piano? Or is it lack of discipline and the fact we’d rather have a drink with our friends than sit in a room and practice. Money doesn’t buy skill.

Ok… Here’s my question(s)…

If money was no object, would you become an engineer?  Because if money was no object I’d travel more, and I definitely would hope that someone would be an engineer, so there would be airplanes, or cars, or boats. However, that would need steel, so I hope someone would say that they’d love to be a miner.  Oh, and all that water and resources to mine that steel and aluminum would create some serious waste and pollution, so I hope someone would really want to be in waste management, or environmental clean up.  Who’s gonna buy the video games that my friends would make, because they would love to make video games, and play other ones, but those make waste, so do movies, music, etc… so again, I hope there are some kids out there that would love to be garbage collectors. They’d be really tired from all that lifting so, of course there will be some “healers.” Yet those video game designers would need some computers and those computers would need rare earth to make the microchips, oh… Back to that mining again… Who wants to work in a mine? Man I hope someone wants to work in a mine.

With all that traveling that I’m gonna do, I’m going to get sick, so I hope there are gonna be some doctors, and I hope there will be some school teachers,  of course there will be. I’m gonna want my doctor to be educated but oh, us kids are dirty. Have you ever been to a school? I hope there are some school janitors… When I’m in India my parasite is going to be passed in the form of some serious diarrhea so I hope there is a young person that would really be passionate about Waste management…again theres that waste management thing again. If it’s really bad and the toilet clogs, I’m not fixing it because I’m afraid of my own poop, especially if it’s full of worms. If money was no object I’ve yet to hear someone say, “I’d be a plumber, and fix shitters all over the world.”

Is your question is that of a privileged disconnection from the ecosystem of the world? Many of the duties of clean up would be shared, so the janitors may also be the kids and the teachers, yes… But the big stuff?  How about:

What would you do if we, or you, didn’t judge what you did, and valued the Astronaut as much as the plumber? If your head and expectations of pleasure, ego, luxury, validation, and self-judgment disappeared? (you mean like be present?… Yeah, like… Be present)
Would you be ok with the contributions you’re making and appreciate that, a week without a garbage collector would suck? No offense painters, but hey… The Dali Lama, Oprah, Deepak, Tu Pac, Astronauts. Sure you’re fine, but you ain’t shit when the shitter breaks. Love and appreciate people with the constitution to do the jobs that us entitled snowflakes don’t want to do.

If money was no object? We’d be fighting for plumbers, waste management, and miners, then our currency would be people… If you need 20 bux just ask.

How about…


What would you do if you had discipline?

I know a ton of folks that would love to play guitar, or learn Tap Dance. It’s not money that’s keeping them from learning, it’s discipline. It’s their opinion of “what is fun” To some… Practicing stuff isn’t fun when they could be outside playing tag or at the beach. So perhaps the new age motivational industry that’s trying to get butts in seats for a 1500 dollar weekend to get them to ask the tough questions “what would you do if money wasn’t a factor?” should learn to think holistically and not be so disconnected and unrealistic.


What would you learn if Time and Energy weren’t an Issue? What could you contribute if there was equal value placed on all contributions? 

I come to you as a loving optimist. That’s about it.

Matt Lucas