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I wrote this blog post many years ago after I met a group of very nice small business owners opening a very questionable business in my building complex. I asked them what they were doing, and they explained to me that they we making electronic (digital) cigarettes.

I have rules about what’s good for you and what’s not. It was very obvious this was not. I was deemed very judgemental about this post as well as my stance on this crap. Now that it’s been 7-8 years, and many countries and states are making them illegal. Just remember, the rule is… man-made chemical alternatives to damn near anything are usually worse than the natural version. This goes for food, medicine, or recreational substances. Have fun, and please stop vaping this garbage. You smell gross.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for that impossible burger. Let’s stay tuned to see if this is the one that’ll work. Till then… Stay conscious and remember, hype is a distraction. 

So umm…  Smoking’s bad, it’s full of chemicals, it’s addictive, it kills your baby, (I’m glad I didn’t know that when I was a baby, I’d be dead, but according to new age science… smoking, fluorescent lights, and carbs will kill your baby!!! Side note: Science is starting to get weird and opinionated) So not only are you left short of breath with dead babies everywhere, your clothes and drapes will smell too. Then there’s the stigma. It’s no longer “Cool”, you’re forced outside onto the sidewalk to smoke outside of the bar like some unintelligent savage. All your conversations are interrupted by homeless people. Not only are you about to lose your seat, or catch a cold. You  also have to hear that homeless dude ramble on about some government conspiracy, as you go through the motions of telling them you don’t have any change. Sometimes a validating “amen brother” can cut the speech short, but the insides of our pockets are loaded up with change like it’s  arcade and laundry night, and we kind of want to believe that lizard people are controlling everything, that would explain a lot. However, I want to hear it from a more trustworthy news source… like the internet or a stoned friend that just came back from a festival.

I know what you’ve been holding out for though… Deep down we all wanted a reason to quit smoking.  Now here’s your chance. E-cigarettes.  


I’m sure most of the smokers of the world are thinking, “hey, I’d quit if there was a chemical based substitute that smells like pina colada or cake.” 

Do the math.  Is it a better alternative? Keep in mind, I don’t know anything, nor do I care past the point where I think about this stuff and move on.  Just as my theory on why the hell do we compliment kids so much, which has proven to be a bad thing. My theory on self esteem… high self esteem is crippling… don’t argue this is a blip of the theory, or the tried and true theory on the effects of new moms that Botox. Since I share a parking lot with one of these digital cigarette places, I’ve been able to ponder the potential WTF moment when we learn a little more about this alternative, or replacement therapy. 

so here we go… 

Smoking vs E-cigs 

Tobacco has tar E-cigs  do not. Tobacco is treated with chemicals and is smoked while this is vaporized thus better for you. 

Cool… Right on.  I have a funny feeling that a liquid that smells like an air freshener at a low budget car wash that also contains nicotine, isn’t exactly “all natural” or chemical free. If you read the book “Slow Death By Rubber Ducky” it’ll break down most items that have the ingredient “fragrance” as well as other things like pthalates, cleaners, fabrics, and plastics. It’s all about the toxic effects of household items.  Teflon, scotchguard, dish soap, and the king of toxic, “new car smell.” I’d put some money down that the new findings of your apple cinnamon cigarette alternative not only let’s me know that you miss your grandma, but it’s probably pretty bad for you. 

But it’s better than smoking… 

just like margarine was better than butter, and low fat was better, oh… and hand sanitizer.  I’d say finding an all natural alternative is best then using a little will power.  

But you don’t smoke… 

No I don’t… I did… I quit, and it wasn’t easy, but it’s nothing that a change in mindset can’t fix… Knowing most great things aren’t easy. We’re all truly capable of doing stuff that’s “hard” and meeting challenges with a kick ass attitude. Go team!!!

It’s not that simple man… 

Yes it is… but never confuse simple with easy, and never confuse easy as beneficial.  Maybe we need some struggle to build some will.  Struggle is good for you it makes you stronger. Haven’t you ever read any story of anyone or anything interesting???

But will is hard and I want to be open and soft, cool. Now you’re being willfully stubborn towards things that are non beneficial to you in order to justify surrendering your power to something other than your own conscious choices. That’s pretty normal actually, I can relate. As humans, we’re amazing at justifying damn near anything. I mean we have created things ranging from Nazis to The Avatar: Last Airbender series.  We have Scientologists, juggalos, and Doctors without borders, all on iphones tweeting everything from dick pics to Egyptians starting a damn revolution with the same tools… We got a lot of range y’all.

Now you’re way in your head and talking like a person that is trying to convince themselves that they’re too weak to just feel like shit for a week.  Which by the way, emphysema will make you feel like more shit for longer. 

I’m not emotionally invested in your quitting smoking. I’m just wondering why we don’t listen to nature over science a little more. Where’s that “can do” attitude?