Chinese Polestar Astrology

Practically Speaking, Zi Wei Dou Shu (or Polestar Astrology) offers a familiar vision as most Astrological systems: a discussion of what you think you are (personality traits, tendencies and capacities) in light of why you think you’re here (Fate, internal/external Drives). However, the differences reflect the richness of the Cosmology behind the Polestar View.

Zi Wei Astrology is based in the mathematical study of cyclical time. Archeologically, this Mantic Chronology has been a feature of Central Asia for over 8000 years with specific practices in consistent widespread use dating to 3000 years. These Almanacs (or “Tongshu”) served as the cultural and governmental basis for all major and minor decisions, from agricultural plantings to marriages, fengshui to massive acts of diplomacy and war. During the Song Dynasty (900 to 1200 ce), scholars extended the privilege of Fate Calculation from the Imperial Family to a more general Personal Fate Calculation.

This System, and the Cosmology that fuels it, is now available in Oakland, California, taught by Liu Ming, whose Family extends as Practitioners of Astro-Geomancy since the Han Dynasty. As one of his students (and a double Pig), Scott Zook delights in transmitting the wealth and relevancy of this study of Time and our place in it. Come find out how much more (and how much less) you actually are…