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Back in Oakland after a year off shooting Season 3 of Into the Badlands on AMC. (Training the cast and doing stunts.)  I’m a professional martial artist, yogi, bodyworker, and musician.  I teach wellness and human efficiency under stress, and also write music, short stories, and “stuff” on wellness. More specifically, translating and “grounding out” esoteric ideas and eastern thought into a more simplified and “country dumb” western approach. We make it all too complicated.

I’ve been performing professionally since 1989, and practicing yoga and martial arts since before that. Teaching everyone from military to children. Working in MMA, Television, Film, Social Justice, “The Corporate World”… all over really. It’s been a busy couple decades.

I have a space in Oakland you can come train or take a workshop. I also travel for workshops, training, music, and stunts. To me, it’s all just art, although it may seem like I do a lot.

For booking off site workhsops or shows, Email me through the contact page, or to book a private session/consultation for training, yoga, martial arts, or basic human efficiency with Matt click the button below.

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The Open Matt

The terra firma spot for training and workshops. Like a speakeasy for wellness. So much good work gets done here. Regular Saturday intensives and classes. The only place you can train the Yoga Martial Arts System – YAMA Series.

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Check out the new album “Fading out” or stream it on spotify

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I’m always making something and it’s usually for sale. Exclusive designs, free shipping… let’s make it easy. T-shirts, Hoodies, Belt Buckles and other goods and services.

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We are now devoting the rest of this year to training Yama Series Yoga. A Yoga/Martial arts Sequence. Come check it out. It’ll change the way you see Yoga or Martial arts. The roots of many martial arts can be traced back to India. This holds true to that tradition. They balance each other out and can turn an erosive practice into an expansive one.

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